State Labor Departments

Help for workers who have been hit the hardest

Aim Hire works with a wide range of groups and institutions to help unemployed workers find new jobs quickly. We offer structured group career coaching along with Zoom networking meetings geared towards organizations. We’ll customize a package that works best for you and your members.


States are experiencing record unemployment numbers. Many small businesses have already closed, and industries in key sectors have laid off millions of workers due to consequences of the novel coronavirus. As a result, many workers are finding themselves unemployed for the first time and lack the networking skills necessary for finding future employment.

We offer state labor departments a suite of valuable online career courses and coaching services to help unemployed workers regain employment and boost their confidence. Our services include:

  • Live group career coaching classes
  • Video career courses on topics like resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, interview preparation, and more
  • Webinars on topics like dealing with the stress of job loss and how to reimagine your career
  • Live networking Zoom meetings that help unemployed workers find the 70 to 80 percent of jobs that aren’t posted on job boards. Participants can make new contacts, get job recommendations, and gain leads

Outplacement Services for Corporate Partners

We can help your laid-off workers find new jobs quickly and equip them with instant-access training that’s focused on networking, personal growth, and motivation. Since all of our networking is done online, it’s easy, safe, and convenient for your employees.

Our outplacement services include:

  • A career assessment tool
  • Online courses that focus on job searching techniques, resume and LinkedIn profile writing, interviewing skills, and offer negotiation
  • Group coaching
  • Live video networking to find hidden jobs
  • Access to group and private counseling to help with stress, confidence issues, and insecurity