Don’t prolong your job search. Start Zoom networking now!

Experts say that between 70 and 80 percent of all jobs aren’t advertised on job boards. Instead, they’re found in the hidden job market and secured through networking. The hidden job market is huge—and it’s the best place to find your next job. Created by unemployed workers, Aim Hire takes the work out of networking, making it easy, engaging and informative.

How It Works

We match you with a networking group to help you find your next great job. There’s strength in numbers: our dedicated teams can shorten your job search by expanding your network of contacts, giving you job leads and even making warm introductions and recommendations on your behalf.

When you join Aim Hire, you’ll gain the support of an entire community: a team of dedicated job seekers, skilled career coaches, and recruiters, all looking to motivate and provide guidance to one another. By joining Aim Hire, you can get and give support to other job seekers who share your challenges and aspirations. We’ll support you, root for you, and keep you on track for success.

Increase your network of contacts, get new job leads and referrals, and sharpen your job-hunting skills!

Join the Zoom networking group that’s right for you:

Join Zoom Networking Meetings In Your City

Virtually-led group networking meetings in your city. Expand your job search with new colleagues who will help find your next great job. Gain new contacts, job leads, and relationships with fellow job-hunters. Moderated meetings.

$10 per meeting / $30 per month

Join Zoom Power Networking Meetings and Group Career Coaching Sessions

Network based on your region, industry, or interests. Experienced career coaches and recruiters lead private virtual meetings, provide valuable skills training and give career advice. Meetings have a personalized approach for each job seeker. This subscription also includes online career classes with power networking and webinars on topics like how to deal with the stress of losing your job and how to reimagine your career.

$75 monthly

Join Executive Group Career Coaching and Networking

Focus on challenges in your specific career. These meetings offer small group coaching and networking exclusively for senior-level executives, directors, VPs, and C-suite leaders. We leverage 20+ years’ experience in diverse industries to bring you powerful, personalized strategies for networking, positioning, personal branding, and job hunting. Meetings are led by senior executive career coach Diane Huth. This plan also includes unlimited access to all video career classes.

$150 monthly

Zoom One-on-One Career Coaching

Aim Hire career coaches are like athletic coaches: they motivate and challenge you to do your best! We offer one-on-one career coaching with a variety of coaches at reduced rates. Coaches will work with you to create action plans and keep you on track to reach your goals. By working with a coach, job seekers can gain career confidence, receive encouragement, and learn core job hunting skills and strategies.

Online Career Courses

Access valuable training for every part of your career journey as you climb the ladder of career success. Subscribe to specific video training programs to learn how to create powerful resumés, cover letters, LinkedIn pages, and elevator pitches. Job seekers can also master the skills of interviewing, job offer negotiation, social media, personal branding, networking, and more. Courses are taught by “The Accidental Career Coach” Diane Huth, the bestselling author of two career guides. Prices range from $7-$97, with full lifetime access to all courses for $297.

Job Wellness

Searching for jobs can take a physical and mental toll. Learn how to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit while you network to your next great job.

Deals & Discounts

We’ve put together a savings and deals page to help job seekers during this difficult time.