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Network Your Way to Your Next Great Job!

Looking for a job can be a lonely process. That’s why we’ve created a new community specifically for workers in transition. There is strength in numbers. Instead of looking for a job by yourself, you could have a dedicated team to help you find your next great opportunity!
Members work together as a team to give and get job support, share contacts and job connections, and make referrals. Aim Hire team members keep each other motivated, positive, and on track to find success.
All of our networking meetings are professionally moderated and last about an hour. We keep our groups small so that everyone can participate and get feedback from others.

What Happens In Our One-Hour Zoom Networking Meetings?

Introductions: 10 minutes.
Introduce yourself and tell us what kind of job you’re looking for.

Talk: 20 minutes.
You’ll hear from career coaches and recruiters, who will cover topics like how to find hidden jobs, how to manage stress while looking for jobs, how to stay motivated, how to transition into new careers, mastering interview techniques, and more.

Networking: 30 minutes.
Meetings will focus on 3-4 job seekers, each of whom will receive individual attention. These will rotate each meeting, giving everyone the chance to share their information. We’ll offer job leads, contacts, introductions, and new strategies for each job seeker’s top prospects. All panelists will share their Aim Hire profiles to give and get job support both during and after the meeting.

At the next meeting, we’ll repeat the process. We recommend staying with one group in order to build deeper relationships and stay connected.

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Join Zoom Networking Meetings In Your City

Virtually-led group meetings in your city. Gain new contacts, job leads, and relationships among fellow job-hunters. Moderated meetings.

$10 per meeting / $30 per month

Join Zoom Power Networking and Group Career Coaching Meetings

Network based on your region, industry, or interests. Experienced career coaches and recruiters lead private virtual meetings, provide valuable skills training and give career advice. Meetings have a personalized approach for each job seeker. This subscription also includes online career classes with power networking and webinars on topics like how to deal with the stress of losing your job and how to reimagine your career.

$75 per month

Join Executive Group Career Coaching and Networking Meetings

Focus on challenges in your specific career. These meetings offer small group coaching and networking exclusively for senior-level executives, directors, VPs, and C-suite leaders. We leverage 20+ years’ experience in diverse industries to bring you powerful, personalized strategies for networking, positioning, personal branding, and job hunting. Meetings are led by senior executive career coach Diane Huth. This plan also includes unlimited access to all video career classes.

$150 monthly

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