Job Wellness

Get Stronger Mentally & Physically

Looking for a job requires you to be at the top of your game, both physically and mentally. We can help you reach your true career potential, creating a healthier, happier, and more successful life in the process.

Along with career goals, it’s important to set new goals for healthy eating, staying fit and taking care of your emotional wellness. The partnerships below will help you stay healthy and motivated during your job search. With group and one-on-one coaching, we’ll help you excel in all aspects of your life.


Online Therapy

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, stress has been running high. It’s not always easy or safe to get out of the house and speak to a counselor. Thankfully, there’s BetterHelp, the accessible, affordable counseling alternative. This 100% online service offers accessed to licensed, trained, and experienced psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and professional counselors. BetterHelp has been called “as effective as face-to-face counseling” by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute. To counter additional stress and mental load during the pandemic, BetterHelp is offering new members 25% off their first month of counseling. It’s okay to reach out for help: let BetterHelp give you the strength and motivation to continue your job search and live a better life.


Free Meditation For Unemployed Workers

Need stress relief that fits into your schedule? Headspace can help. They offer hundreds of guided meditations and courses on stress, relationships, and more, including mini meditations that fit into work and childcare breaks. Beyond meditation guidance, they also offer relaxing sounds and music for sleep and a collection of at-home workouts that strengthen both the body and the mind. Those who are unemployed are eligible for a full year of Headspace Plus for free. Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of your mental health and self-care—take a look at what Headspace has to offer and feel more resilient today.


Stay fit!

During difficult times, food is the first thing many of us reach for to feel better. Unfortunately, most comfort foods aren’t that healthy or nutritious. If you’ve been wanting to lose weight but aren’t sure how to do so during the coronavirus pandemic, give Noom a try. Their award-winning program customizes a food plan to your activity level, age, dietary requirements, and more, allowing you to get fit and keep the weight off. During the pandemic, Noom is offering two full weeks for free, enabling everyone to improve their health during these difficult times. If you’ve been disillusioned by weight loss in the past, dump the diets and give Noom a try.